Rosemary - (Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary Herb

This herb, also known as Rosemarine, is a member of the Labiatiae family.
Rosemary is a perennial herb, native to the Mediterranean region.

Many brides choose to have rosemary in their bridal bouquets, since it's an herb of fidelity and love.

The leaves are needlelike, and the flowers are pale blue to lilac. Rosemary can grow up 15 feet tall. It is easy to grow rosemary from slips or cuttings. Plant rosemary in a sunny location in light, well-drained soil. Sow after last spring frost with about 12 inches between plants. The plant matures in about 85 days. Harvest the leaves as needed and the flowers as they open. Rosemary is not frost resistant so when it's starting to get cold outside bring your plant into your house.

You should sprinkle some rosemary around the house since it is said to bring good luck and protection.

There are many ways you can enjoy rosemary. Add it to vegetable dishes, cheese dishes, soups and for cooking with stews, beef, lamb, ham and bacon for a delicious flavor and to make the food more digestible.

Parts used: Leaves, tops.

Don't use if you are pregnant. Don't take rosemary oil internally. Large doses of rosemary can be toxic.

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