Peppermint - (Mentha piperita)

Peppermint Herb

Peppermint was first recorded by John Ray an English naturalist in 1696.

It is a pleasant-tasting herb which gives you a refreshing drink if you add the leaves to iced tea.

Peppermint, also know as American mint, Brandy mint, Lamb mint and Lammint, have green fuzzy leaves and in the summer they have purplish stem and pink or lilac flowers. The plant is a member of the labiate family and can grow up to 36 inches high and 24 inches wide.
Peppermint grows easily from seed. Plant in well-drained soil in a shady location.

There are many ways you can enjoy peppermint. Add peppermint leaves to salads, drinks and fruit dishes as a garnish. It is also a great flavoring for ice cream, chocolates, and other deserts.

Part used: Leaves, oil, and flowering tops.

The oil may be toxic if taken internally in large doses.

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