Nettle - (Urtica urens)

Sweet Flag Herb

This perennial herb is also called Stinging Nettle because it's covered with tiny hairs that contain formic acid which sting when you touch them.

Nettle has toothed, egg-shaped, dark green leaves and it can grow up to three feet tall. The flowers are green or greenish-white which flowers from June to September.

If you have been stung by a nettle it may help to rub the part with Rosemary, Mint or Sage leaves.

Young leaves can be cooked for soups or can be added to salads and vegetables.

To make tea of nettle, pour one cup boiling water over 3-4 teaspoons of dried nettle. Let the tea draw for for about 10 minutes. For best effect, drink 1 cup three times a day. Sweeten the tea with honey.

Parts used: Leaves, stems of young plants.

Don't eat uncooked leaves, and handle the plant with care.

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