Comfrey - (ymphytum officinale)

Comfrey Herb

Comfrey is also known as knitbone since it has been shown that a comfrey plaster has helped mend broken bones over and over again. Comfrey contain allatoin which is a protein that promotes the healing of sprains and broken bones.

Comfrey is a perennial herb and a member of the borage family. The flowers are bsell-shaped blue-purplish, yellow, white or red. The plant can grow up to 5 feet high. Grow comfrey in well-drained soil in a sunny location. Comfrey will flower from May to frost if the plant is cut back slightly before it sets seed.

The name Comfrey comes from the Latin con firma meaning with strength. Symphatos means "to unite".

Parts used: Leaves, rhizome, roots (external use only).

This herb is recommended for external use only since comfrey contain high levels of pyrolizidine alkaloids which are toxic to the liver. Don't use if you are breast-feeding or if you are pregnant. Always check with your doctor before taking this herb.

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