Bayberry - (Myrica cerifera)

Other names for Bayberry are Myrica, Candle Berry and Tallow Shrub.

Bayberry is a large evergreen shrub that can grow up to 35 feet high. It grows naturally in wetlands, near rivers and streams and fields. Bayberry is very adaptable.

The fruits from the Bayberry are a traditional source of the wax to make candles. The wax is removed from the berries by boiling them in water. You get about one pound of wax from four pounds of berries.

It is said that where Bayberry is, so is money, so you should sprinkle some bayberry around the house, your business, your wallet or purse.

Parts used: Berries, root bark.

Don't take in large amounts since the tannin in the herb has carcinogenic properties.

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